Our Mission

We partner with schools and organizations in communities impacted by violence and poverty to teach young people critical lifelong leadership skills, preparing them for college, career, and positive engagement in their communities.

our vision

We envision a society based on respect, compassion, and shared responsibility in which youth are engaged and empowered to succeed in school, in work, and in civic life.


We believe:

1. Youth impacted by violence and poverty, when given the opportunity and tools to lead in their communities, can improve their own lives and the lives of others.
2. Developing strong, positive relationships with other youth and with caring adults creates the conditions for positive transformation.
3. Passion -- when combined with humility, experience, and resolve -- is the foundation of leadership and success.
4. Project-based learning is essential to achieving engagement and empowerment.
5. Leadership programs should meet people where they are and be adaptable to a broad spectrum of youth and mentors.
6. In building strong, respectful, and effective partnerships with the schools, agencies, and professionals with whom we work.  


Throughout the year, we saw a dramatic decrease in behavior issues. We saw an increase in academic growth and mastery. We feel strongly that this data is directly connected to the success of the program. The life skills and tools that were introduced to our students allowed them to build a capacity for great leadership, social entrepreneurship, and active citizenship. Your program empowered our youth and gave them opportunities to explore themselves and each other on a profound level.
— Principal John O'Connell, Mark Sheridan Elementary School
Civic Leadership Foundation models excellence in facilitation and practices the difficult art of teaching compassion. They bring a youth-centered and thoughtful approach to the work they do, and their care for young people and the community of adults who engage them is evident in their approach.
— Emily Nott, Manager of Professional Development for After School Matters