Signs of Success

CLF uses research-based key indicators to assess the impact of our programs.

Managing SElf


Students learn to: control emotions; manage time; set goals and make plans; treat others with respect and decency.

Students learn and practice: resilience; self-motivation; optimism and positivity; courage; integrity; emotional intelligence; ethical decision-making.

Students learn to deal with complicated problems, to persist, to think creatively, and to work with, help and be helped by others.

Students learn and practice: seeing obstacles and failure as opportunities to learn and grow; openness to new experience; thinking creatively; breaking down big problems into smaller ones; confidence.

solving problems

working with others


Students form healthy relationships with peers, mentors, and others, including people in authority.

Students learn how to: communicate clearly; do their fair share of work; make others better at what they do.

Students learn and practice: compassion, accountability; humility; negotiating; seeking and accepting advice.

civic engagement


Students become aware of issues in their community and empowered to involve themselves in addressing those issues.

Students learn and practice: believing in their ability to change a community for the better; engagement in problems at hand; ability to focus; passion; service.

resolving conflict

Students learn and practice: negotiating; listening; treating others with respect and decency; controlling anger; “using words, not fists.”


leadership skills

Students become civic leaders who lift themselves and others up to benefit their community.

Students learn and practice: speaking up for themselves and others; leading or facilitating meetings; helping others accept responsibility; leading by example; teaching and mentoring others; holding themselves and others to high standards; making others better at what they do.