words from our partners

The life skills and tools that are being introduced to our students have allowed them to build a capacity for great leadership, social entrepreneurship, and active citizenship. The CLF program continues to empower our youth and give them opportunities to explore themselves on a profound level.
— Principal John P. O'Connell, Mark Sheridan Math & Science Academy
The Civic Leadership Foundation helped me learn more about what I can do to make my community and the very home that I live in more peaceful. Now I work in groups with the skills that are needed.
— 6th grade student, Mark Sheridan Math & Science Academy
This program has been impactful in many ways and not just in the form of building leadership...CLF has also taught our students mindfulness, responsibility, stress management, advocacy for important causes, moral servitude, perseverance, self-confidence, resilience, and bravery.
— Principal Elizabeth Nessner, Robert Healy Elementary School
I really gravitated to the Civic Leadership curriculum because it gave me a lot of opportunities to explore with the kids in those deep moments, and then to have fun at the same time.
— Kimberly Strickland, Counselor at South Shore Fine Arts Academy
I envision a future for my students in which they all have a sense of empowerment. I would like for them to carry with them the knowledge that they are citizens and they matter. This program has definitely contributed to my vision because I believe it has created a ‘safe’ space for my students to build self confidence.
— Angela Twillie, Social Studies Teacher at John C. Haines Elementary School